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Our History

The Blue Triangle YWCA Garden Club of Houston, Texas was founded in 1937.  The club’s first president was Mrs. Mollie Parrott. Original founding members were A.E Bowie, and Elouise Williams, Virgie Blake, Viola Burton, J.B. Covington, R.H. Ward, Carter W. Wesley, Fannie Murray, Tasmania Pemberton, J.W. Richardson and Stella Starks.  The club’s founders established four objectives for the organization:


  1. To stimulate an interest in home gardening
  2. To encourage civic beautification

  3. To extend opportunities for participation in floral arrangement education

  4. To support worthy charities when and wherever possible


These objectives are core to our existence and are the cornerstone of our constitution.


In 1961, Club member, the late Mrs. Lois Sholars came up with the idea that the club host an annual holiday home tour. Since that time, The Annual MacGregor Area Christmas Tour of Homes has been an integral holiday community event within the Third Ward area.  It continues today as a major fundraiser for the organization with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Blue Triangle Multi Cultural Center.


In 2013, the YWCA was officially removed from the club’s name at the request of legal counsel representing YWCA. The Blue Triangle branch was no longer affiliated with the YWCA ;therefore, the club was from then on officially named the Blue Triangle Garden Club.

The  official flower of the Blue Triangle Garden Club is the
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