The Garden Path

The Garden Path is dedicated to showcasing information related to gardening- including tips, monthly events and more. We hope you enjoy this go-to guide for the months of June and July

Monthly Garden To Do List 


Planting – Use larger containers to avoid frequent watering. Plant summer blooming perennials and annuals. Keep hanging baskets out of hot afternoon sun.

Vegetable Gardens – Enjoy your harvest of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc. You can still plant eggplants, squash, and pumpkins from seed. Keep an eye out for pests. Especially leaf-footed bugs on tomatoes. Provide water for birds nearby, as they sometime peck your fruit and vegetables seeking out moisture.

Mowing – Raise lawn mower blades to cut 3 inches high to retain moisture and prevent diseases and pests.

Weeding – Keep up with weeding in early morning hours. Make sure areas are mulched properly to reduce amount of sprouting weeds

Pruning – Pinch tips of coleus to avoid flowering and encourage bushier and compact growth. Remove spent blooms on spring and summer annuals to promote new blooms. Dead head young vitex trees to encourage repeat blooms. Remove any diseased or insect damaged foliage on plants.

Fertilizing – Fertilize containers and vegetable beds with slow release organic fertilizers such as microlife or with a liquid fertilizer such as Ocean Harvest.

Water – Deep root watering on trees, lawns and shrubs is best. It encourages roots to move down into the soil where they will be less susceptible to moisture changes. Avoid frequent short periods of watering. Keep your azaleas well watered as this is the time of year they are setting next years blooms.  We have a variety of soaker hoses, sprinklers and gatorbags to help out with watering

Pests – Keep an eye out for pests as well as beneficial insects in your vegetable garden. Pick off pests by hand. Check for snails and slugs early in the morning, when they are active. Pests are very active this time of year, so check your garden daily!

Orchids – Don’t let roots dry out on orchids outside. Shady spots with filtered sunlight are best. Fertilize with a weak liquid solution for orchids. Birds – Change water regularly in bird baths and keep them full.

Humans- Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, wear protective sun gear, use mosquito repellents and granules for protection from bites.


Water deeply, especially trees.  Don’t rely on your sprinkler system to water adequately in summer.

Check irrigation systems for proper function – may need to extend the watering periods to make sure roots are watered.

Maintain mulch at 2-3” depth  -- add new mulch if needed – to conserve moisture

Prepare vegetable gardens for fall planting – pull weeds & add compost

Plant vegetable plants:  tomato, peppers, squash & cucumbers. Plant herbs: basil, oregano, thyme

Plant pumpkin seeds for October Jack-O-Lanterns. Other seeds to plant: corn, cucumber, okra, black-eyed peas, beans, cantaloupe

Identify insect and fungal problems and treat with least toxic solution

Feed the birds. Keep bird baths clean and filled with fresh water

Eliminate standing water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding

Deadhead annuals and perennials to encourage a great fall showing

Stay hydrated and protect yourself from UV rays (sunscreen/hats/sunglasses).


     Local Gardening Events

Mike Serant: OHBA President & Owner of MicroLife – How to Help Your Lawns & Gardens Thrive All Summer Long

Saturday, June 12, 2021 @ 10:30AM 

Mike Serant, OHBA President & Owner of MicroLife, will join us for a presentation on lawn & garden care in the summer! Come out to learn how to keep your plants looking great even in the Houston heat.

Register here!

The Blue Triangle Garden Club




The Houston Texans YMCA

5202 Griggs@ MLK

June 9, 2021

4:00 to 6:00 pm

This lifestyle event will encourage the Texan Y members to support their current health by growing and eating healthy food and enjoy each other’s company in a healthy environment. This event is generously sponsored by The Secrets of the Sistership

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May  Yard of the Month
Congratulations to our May winner the Cowan family on their beautiful yard!

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